How Liz became a dog person

I have been reading Liz Petrone’s personal blog for a few years.  Her voice is genuine and she writes from the heart.

Her writing has appeared in Literary Mama, To Write Love on Her Arm and The Huffington Post to name just a few.

Liz has been selected as a Blogger 2017 Voice of the Year and 2017 Beyond Your Blog Hall of Fame.

She recently became a dog person and I want to share her thoughts with you.

Here is the link:  Liz Petrone

While she sleeps

Sometimes I watch my dog while she sleeps.

I mean really study her.

She looks so peaceful with her eyes cinched shut.

She’s in her own little dream world – whatever dogs dream about.  

Muscles twitching,  legs moving,  releasing little barking sounds.

Sometimes she curls up in a ball,  tucking all her feet under her body and then finding that perfect little nook to where she inserts her nose.

Sometimes she sprawls out,  usually right in the middle of the floor,  forcing everyone to dance around her.

Sometimes I watch my dog while she sleeps.

It’s almost meditative…or hilarious.